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Wuhan Xinsheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise in the electric power equipment industry in Wuhan High-tech Development Zone, Hubei Province, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of electric power equipment and accessories such as high-voltage test equipment, construction tools and hardware labor insurance, as well as providing rental and technical services, with strong comprehensive strength and development prospects.

The company's business industry chain covers multiple links in the field of smart grid, which is widely used in major power supply and electricity protection projects. In the direction of technology development, the company focuses on consolidating and enhancing the core competitiveness, and is good at studying. We have the courage to break through innovation and formally established the power engineering technical service team in 2017. In the new era of changes, we follow closely to help customers overcome many urgent and difficult repair tasks. At the same time, the company adhering to the people-oriented, service first business philosophy, with high-quality products and comprehensive technical strength, and thoughtful service team, has been based on the spirit of solid, loyalty, solidarity and innovation, and economic benefit as the core, technology innovation as the means to expand the market, constantly strive to become bigger and stronger, to provide comprehensive services to our clients.

Quality Assurance
The raw materials used in our production equipment are purchased through regular channels. The material itself has high precision and good stability, and the production equipment has accurate and stable performance.
Efficient service
In order to produce high-quality products and provide customers with efficient and convenient services, Wuhan Xinshengneng Technology Co., Ltd. has established special functional departments for all links in the product chain, including procurement, quality inspection, technical debugging.
Open cooperation
We are adhering to the corporate philosophy of "Prosperity and Innovation", and the corporate attitude of "Pioneering hard work, honesty-oriented", and abiding by the corporate purpose of "harmonious development and win-win cooperation".

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Case presentation


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    The technical specifications of the main components of series resonance are as follows: (1) Input working power of frequency conversion control unit: 220V, 50Hz, current 5~250A; output voltage and current: 0~250V, current 5~250A

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    Due to its small size, light weight, beautiful and reliable features, simple operation and complete functions, DC high-voltage generators are widely used in power departments of enterprises such as electric power, mining, metallurgy, and steel. Mainly to conduct DC withstand voltage test on high voltage electrical equipment such as zinc oxide arresters, power cables, transformers, generators, and high voltage switches.

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